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July Update

In good news, it's been a very busy month for me!

My portal fantasy -- which now has a name, which is a secret for the moment, in case it gets changed -- got finished, and then a good friend had a look at it, and now it's no longer finished, because she made some suggestions that were just to good to ignore, so it's in edits again. But I think it should be done (again) this week, and then sent off to the submission mines. (The kinkster in me still gets a little giggle every time I "submit" a story, even though I've been doing it for years. Apparently I am more easily amused than I once thought.)

ANYWAY, that's already 20K+, and set to get longer, and is a f/f, well, portal fantasy. Portal fantasies, for those of you wondering what I mean, are stories like the Chronicles of Narnia. Characters start in one place (generally our Earth) and cross some sort of portal (a fancy word for doorway or entrance, and related to the words port, porch and portcullis, for example), to wind up somewhere else, having adventures.

In this portal fantasy, Alora Ayoade, a librarian from London, friends herself transported to strange new world, where her arrival has been prophesied for centuries. The queen, Celyn, of this odd country has been kidnapped, and Alora, the prophecy claims, will rescue her. To make things even more alien for Alora, she'd been dreaming about their queen ever before she set foot in their world...

I also wrote, and sent off a couple of nights ago, a submission for Torquere Press' annual Charity Sip drive.  It features Jacob and Nicholas, two naval pilots/astronauts, and is set a little bit into Earth's future. Jacob is recovering from an injury that's left him with frequent vertigo and near-constant nausea, neither of which are doing anything to help his restless mood. Nicholas, however, is just glad that his husband is recovering, and is happy to be there for him while he does. It's 4K long, light sci-fi, and has just a sprinkling of kink.

PS: A word about the August update: that will probably go up on the 2nd, as I have Things To Do on the 1st.


I have updated my website! and it's frankly past time to update the blog.

So what have I been up to in the meantime? Mostly writing, plus generic life stuff. I can't talk about all the writing, but I have published a new short story, "Summer Storm", with Torquere Press.

I've also rounded up my backlist, tidied it up a little, and put it up on lulu.com. So if you missed A Hope in Hell or my Corvo and Ardán series, fear not! They are available once again. Reviews for both can be found here.

As for the blog, well, it would seem I am not much of a blogger. One a week was clearly far too often, but never is even worse. I've decided to aim for the first of the month, as a sort of bloggy new resolution. So I'll see you in July, and tell you a little bit about my latest project, currently living with the terrible name 'portal fantasy'.
As he lay back on the pillows, he thought that sleep would not come easily, not matter how tired he was -- it had been a long and difficult day, but mentally more so than physically. Still, exhaustion quickly caught up with him, and he was soon asleep, though it was not entirely restful...

Corvo dreamed, a re-imagining of his first meeting with Ardán:

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GrisOmni 200x300 px

Excerpt from: "A Hope in Hell"

They captured him at the Tower of the Blind. He was injured, feverish, and delirious. The poisoned landscape had begun to change him, but the Hellborn who found him could react only with curiosity, despite the pathos of his condition, for they were not capable of pity.

They bound him tightly, carefully, because despite his injuries, he still presented a considerable danger to them, and they took him to their Lord.

The Hellborn captain, who loved her Lord above all things, presented the broken spy to her Lord privately, though every warrior's instinct within her cried out to drag him to her Lord's court and lay the spy at Lord Ayve's feet. He was an enemy whose capture would earn her name glory.

But glory wasn't enough.

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News roundup, and going dim

But not going dark -- more on that below.

News first:

The BIG news is:
Brown: Grisaille in Sand and Sunset is out from Torquere Press!

In smaller news:
1.) Pentimento: Poppy is now available from All Romance Ebooks.
2.) Gray: Grisaille in Stone and Sky is written, and has gone off to the editor.
3.) I am Torquere Press' Featured Author until May 7th.

In not-fun news, this blog is going dim for a while -- it's not because I haven't been putting up something new weekly, though it's for the same reason:

I'm in pain, and an awful lot of it. Getting Grisaille in Gray done was excruciating, and I've learned that voice-recognition does not work for me, for writing fiction. It works (when it works, which is not all the time, either, for other reasons) for posts and email.

So I'm going to be taking time away from the computer, not just typing. There may be odd posts occasionally, but I will not be trying to update weekly. I apologize for this, but it's largely out of my control -- the only part that I do have control over is trying to heal, and I have to take responsibility for that.

Free Story: The Queen and the Soldier

Originally written for the Torquere Social Happy Hour, "The Queen and the Soldier" is a short >1K m/m story written to the prompts supplied by various members.

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Saturday is like an extra Friday

I'm pretty sure this really will be a short round up, unlike last week's short round up.

For those curious, my speech recognition software is still making my teeth clench, which is at least a different kind of repetitive strain injury. But moving along to the interesting news (some of which I have already covered):

1.) I have a new website (which is to say, I have a website): www.mollychurch.com. Please check it out.

2.) I have a new release, Pentimento: Poppy, available from Torquere Press.

2b) If you're interested in an excerpt or a "sexy snippet" for Poppy both are available (just follow the links).

2c) An extra scene, which doesn't appear in Poppy is also available.

3.) Another free story in the Dylan and Xavier semi-series was written on Wednesday (St. Patrick's Day) in honor of release day. It follows in a separate post.

New Release - Pentimento: Poppy is OUT NOW

Pentimento: Poppy (10700 words and published by Torquere Press), is out now.

To celebrate that, and St. Patrick's Day, I'm throwing a bit of a party on the Happy Hour LJ.

In other news, I have a website: www.mollychurch.com. Please check it out!

Fortnightly roundup

Not such terribly big round up this time, though I have been busy. Still, it's the kind of busy that takes an awful lot of time but isn't necessarily all that interesting to talk about.

Point the first: Software :/
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Point the second: Editing :)
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Oh, and PS -- I love this, too:
Perfectionists like chasing the horizon;
You kept perfection, gave the rest to us,
so let me earn the wisdom to move on.
Lord, let me be brave, and let me, while I craft my tales, be wise:
let me say true things in a voice that is true,
and, with the truth in mind, let me write lies.

-- from Neil Gaiman's Writer's Prayer

Okay, that was a big round up, and I have now added lj-cuts. Oops. See? Editing is awesome.

Try, try again

Aside from apparently having some black hole in my memory where the fact that it is Friday falls in, I have had two good reasons for not being properly up-to-date with my blog - my apologies.

Reason the first: I am having a real problem with RSI, making it important to prioritize story-writing. I am still having problems there (although I may be investing in some speech recognition software - I hope to try it out today), so this will be a short post.

Reason the second: I had news, but wasn't ready to share it. Well, it wasn't sharing-ready. It is now.

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